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Cryptic Memories
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Welcom to Cryptic Memories. This is a dinotopia-based fan site.
Cryptic Memories is a place of old ruins located deep inside the rainy basin in Utahraptor territory. The Redclaw Clan has dominated and lived inside these ruins for several generations now, though keeping them in their family clan has not always been easy. The ruins are on higher ground than some of the other places in the Rainy Basin, keeping it safe from sudden flooding and other natural disasters of the like.
Please feel free to look around. But be careful; some of the links lead to scarier parts of Dinotopia, not meant for the faint of heart.

What's New?

Welcome to Cryptic Memories! I have just begun building my fan website about Dinotopia. You'll get to see my fan-stories, fan-art, links to fan sites and more!

The Island of Dinotopia, its characters and places are copyright James Gurney. Cryptic Memories, The Clan of Celestials (and the different clans therein as well as the characters in those clans) are copyright Anastasia (aka Vira). The other clans and the characters therein are copyright their respective owners. Each piece of fan-fiction is copyright their respective owners and may not be copied or reproduced from this site without their express permission. This site is created solely for fan-site/fan-fiction purposes. Also, whenever you get the chance, pick up James Gurney's books if you have not read them already. They're VERY good books. If you have read them, you should read them again and again and again, etc. ^-^