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Cryptic Memories
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About Me

My name is Vira Highjumper-Redclaw...

I am a hybrid of a Utahraptor and Deinonychus. My father, a Utahraptor named EveningStar, was a member of the Redclaw Clan and only son of the leaders. My mother, a Deinonychus, was only daughter of the leader of the Highjumper Clan.
The Redclaw and Highjumper clan leaders intended for their children to become mates and have a child of both clans so the fighting over their territories would stop and the clans would be combined.
However, several members of both clans did not agree with this and my grandparents were killed, leaving my parents in charge of the clans. The clan members had forgotten to consider this factor. To avoid suspicion, they plotted and waited for another chance to kill the new leaders.
Shortly after my egg was laid, the clan members struck again and my parents carried my egg from the clans. However, the Tyrannosaurus Rex assassins caught up with my parents and my mother was smashed against a tree while my father finally escaped with my egg and laid down in a secluded spot, nursing his injuries.
He was stumbled upon by an old motherly Velociraptor named Green-Eye, whom he gave my egg to and told her to name me Vira, after my mother's human partner. Green-Eye took me back to her clan; the Pirate Clan where I hatched.
And that is where the story of my life begins.


Pirate Clan Watch-Tree

Imagine trying to climb this tree when you're just a little hatchling.